For our NHS patients

After your treatment, you and your dentist will agree when your next dental check-up should be, this will vary from 3-24 months in accordance with NICE NHS guidelines.

It is your responsibility to attend around the specified interval – however, if we have not heard from you after a short period of grace, after sending you a reminder, we will allocate your NHS place to someone else who needs it.

We will always do our best to re-register you, however, this is always subject to capacity at that time. To ensure your place, please attend at the agreed interval.

Failure to Attend Policy

Due to the high number of failed or cancelled (at short notice) appointments,
we are finding it difficult to maintain our current level of NHS service.
These appointments cause so much lost revenue that we are introducing these terms and conditions applicable to all booked appointments with immediate effect:
It is your responsibility to attend all appointments which you make at the practice. Failure to attend two appointments will result in your name being removed from our NHS list at this practice. The same applies to appointments cancelled without 24 hours’ notice.
If you make an appointment as a new patient and fail to attend, then no more appointments will be offered to you.

Membership Patients

You can book your next check-up and/or opt to receive a SMS/email reminder. Please note we are flexible on the interval between check-ups – if you are unable to visit us in the month you are due, we are happy to bring this forward or delay it for a short while at your convenience.
If you need to alter an existing appointment then just let us know and we will be happy to oblige.

Keep your details up to date

Please help us to help you.
We operate a reminder service by SMS; please ensure we have your up to date mobile telephone number, and other contact details.
You can update us by clicking on the contact form in the menu bar above, please include your date of birth for identification purposes.

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